Trying The Stretch Project – 30 day flexibility challenge!


I am so silly! I’ve been meaning to share this post for the last two weeks and track my progress here. Anyway, one of the goals in my 30 before 30 was to complete a 30-day challenge; another, to be able to stretch more. So, combining them both (it was actually Jason’s idea), I decided to try “The Stretch Project – 30-day flexibility challenge” from Blogilates. If you are not familiar with this blog, Cassey Ho is the person behind it. She is an award-winning fitness instructor based in Los Angeles, CA  famous for her Pop Pilates workouts among other things, and she is probably the most energetic and happy person you will ever see… like EVER. Feeling motivated by Cassey’s energy, I’ve been trying the exercises and have found that I pretty much cannot stretch at all!! Some of the poses are easy, some of them are quite challenging. Jason has become my personal photographer, and we joke saying that it is my 30-day stretching challenge and his 30-day of patience one. I will leave the image with all the poses here in case you feel like joining, and soon will be sharing the pictures of my progress as well.

Happy stretching!


About Monica Jimenez Sablich

Hi! I am Mónica, a peruvian artist, designer and food enthusiast. I want to share the joy and excitment that I find creating pretty, useful and yummy things. Are you interested in cooking, sewing, and doing beautiful stuff? Well, this is the blog for you then! Come and join me in this journey!
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5 Responses to Trying The Stretch Project – 30 day flexibility challenge!

  1. Hi fellow Popster! I’m a huge fan of Cassey Ho and Pop Pilates so I was happy to come across a post about it. I love doing her challenges because it is truly something I do for me, and I take my time with it and really notice a difference by Day 30. I wouldn’t say i’m super flexible but pilates has really made it easier for me. I need to try this one sometime!

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