The Stretch Project Recap

Hello, September!

I should have posted these pictures a couple days ago when I actually finished the stretch project. I am feeling super proud and grateful about following through with my exercise goals. I have to say that I also finished PIIT28 1.1 and I am about to finish the first week of round 2. In only four weeks I was able to see some great changes. My posture improved a lot, and I am feeling stronger and energized (and way more toned!). PIIT is a journey of 168 days in total (two round of each program). I am currently on day 33 and hoping to stay motivated the rest of the way. This time, I also want to complete the piitstgram challenge and I am posting a picture every day on the blog’s Instagram (@theperfectfitproject). I didn’t post these pictures there, though. So here is the recap of the 30 days doing the stretch project.

                                                                                                                    Continue reading

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PIIT28 and Stretch Project Updated

PIIT28 1.0, a week down, three weeks to go! I still get sore, but I’m loving every workout. Also, today was day 8 of the Stretch Project. I am NOT very flexible yet, as you can see, but definitely proud for trying.

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CreativeLive for Creative Minds

This is a quick web recommendation. A while ago I came across a website called Creativelive. I’ve been wanting to share this in here because I have gotten a lot out of their classes and I really like their system. Every day they air three to five classes about different topics and you can watch them completely free! So, if you want to learn about photography, music, money, branding, crafts, business and more there’s a very high chance there will be a class for you (there are over 1500 classes now).

A few of my favorites are A brand called you by Debbie Millman, Master your people skills by Vanessa Van Edwards and Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business by Jasmine Star. These are only three of the many classes I’ve watched for free. I have also purchased some classes to watch at my own pace and schedule and thanks to that I have a discount coupon to share with you. You can get $15 off your purchase using this link.

Try to check it out if you can!

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The stretch project – Take 2

This year I became a Blogilates fan. I had seen Cassey Ho before and had tried (unsuccessfully that time) to complete her flexibility challenge, but back then I didn’t take the chance to fully experience one of her programs. I actually got a little overwhelmed by the enormous amount of energy she exuded. Instead of going with Blogilates, I decided to try the Kayla Itsines workout and felt miserably sore for a couple of weeks without actually seeing any change. When I got tired of that, I tried one of the Ashy Bines challenges, and even though I liked the app and the nutritional plans and stuff, still that was not the program for me. And then, I found Cassey again. She had a great offer and I thought to myself “why not?”.

I started PIIT28 1.0 and the 28-Day Reset Challenge and in two weeks Continue reading

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New beginnings, time management, and dusting off this little corner of the world

It has been almost a year since I stopped writing and I am missing it, a lot. I have stopped doing so many things over the years, things that I honestly like and used to be a close part of me. Life got busy used to sound like a good excuse, but men! I hate those words! “I don’t have time” is an excuse for not prioritizing, and I have been doing that for way too long.

Today I came across a wonderful Ted Talk while I was looking for an article about time management. I decided to take the time to watch it.

Today I start over with new plans and projects, new stories, new places to go, new beginnings and a little better sense of my time.

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10 days until my birthday…

Ten days to go until my birthday. Another year flew by… It has been a really good one, I cannot complain. Lots of trips, time with friends and family, good health, love and laughter.

I am very happy with the things accomplished and done, like paying off my braces treatment, working as a free-lance graphic designer on the side, buying this amazing laptop that I love, and seeing some awesome shows during the year.  I have some items on my list that I would like to highlight: Continue reading

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The song stuck in my head

Today’s sound:

“Tajabone” – Ismaël Lô

Mida, Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Abdu u iambaar gniari malaykala
Ch’awé étchiko daan si séroo
Muomu muhnilda degëm du lingaan
Muomu muhnila degëm woor nga-am
Ch’awé etchiko daanu si seroo
Muomu muhnida degem du lingaam
Muomu muhnida degem woor nga-am
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Wou leij Wou leij
Wou leij Wou leij
Abdu jambaar gniari malaykala
chico woley juge daanu si sero
Muhnila degem du linga’n
Muhnila degem woor nga-am

The first time I heard the song was in the Pedro Almodovar movie “Todo sobre mi madre”. Today, after many years, I looked for the translation. Here’s what I found. Continue reading

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